Clean water as a basis for life, knowledge, beauty and art

Main points and foundation policy

The Cosmic Water Foundation strives to secure and improve the availability of clean and healthy water worldwide, and to increase the awareness about the water crisis the planet faces. The Cosmic Water Foundation aims to raise general awareness through spectacular scientific and artistic projects on water and its eminent role on earth and in the cosmos.

Why water and the cosmos?

Background information and reasoning

Water is undoubtedly the most important chemical substance of the world. Despite its importance and the fact that it is practically ubiquitous, it still represents one of the best explored and yet least understood substances, its many so-called „anomalies“ are famous. Water connects scientific disciplines from physics and chemistry to biology and cosmology. It is the basis and origin of all life, the continuous supply of clean water is a necessity for health and hygiene. Because so much is known yet so little understood about water, it remains mysterious. Eternal and of cosmic origin, water has always inspired and fascinated scientists, and it will continue to do so. We consist mainly of water, so what we learn about water, we learn about ourselves.
Recently a correlation between cosmic events – solar eclipses – and the properties of water was discovered and published in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal [1]. The results suggest that an hiterhto not-considered, possibly unknown cosmic force influences the properties of water on earth. Therefore, in the light of the on-going debate about climate change, more research is called for in order to better understand which role cosmics forces play in addition to antropogenic reasons in order to further improve our climate models and to suggest the correct actions to save our planet. For that purpose, the Cosmic Water Foundation is currently seeking financing for additional expeditions to locations where total solar eclipses take place between 2023 and 2026. In 2026, there will be an annular solar eclipse in Antarctica. This location is of very special interest, since there two of the most important working hypotheses, solar wind related ionization or a resonant dark matter (axion) related effect, can be tested. Next to the scientific aspects, we aim at this journey of water researcher Elmar C. Fuchs and coordinator Gerrit Oudakker do be accompanied and documented by fine artist, Polar expedition photographer and founder of the Antarctic magazine ANTARKTIKOS Esther Kokmeijer, with a science/art cross-over exhibition displaying both scientific and artistic results mutually benefitting from each other.

Objective and purpose

The aim of the Cosmic Water Foundation is to financially support activities related to the investigation of cosmic influences on water. Its main objective is the realization of water research projects for a more sustainable world. It also supports educational, inspirational or artistic projects. The foundation strives to increase general awareness of the importance of water and its further exploration as the carrier of life, health, happiness, knowledge and wisdom. The current project is a scientific expedition to do measurements on water during the upcoming total solar eclipses in Australia, North- and South America, and the polare regions between 2023 and 2026.

[1] E.C. Fuchs, G. Oudakker, et al., Solar eclipses and the Surface Properties of Water, Earth, Moon, and Planets 123 (2019) 15-43

Scientific Advisory Board (2021-2024)

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Freund, NASA Ames, USA
Prof. Dr. Jakob Woisetschläger, TU Graz, Austria
Dr. Martin Andreas Bødker Enghoff, National Space Institute, Denmark